How to make money online with fiverr? – Killer tips on how to improve your gigs for sales

Do you use the service of fiverr? If you haven’t heard about it, fiverr is one of the coolest ways to get the work done online for a very cheap amount and also provides opportunities to make money online with fiverr.

The prices starts at $5 for every work, and you can buy much advanced services with added value for some extra amount. I have used the service for graphic designing and some other online marketing work and in most cases I was happy with its service providers.

The Wikipedia says the latter about fiverr:

Make-Money-with-FiverrFiverr, stylized as fiverr, is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, referred to as ‘gigs’ and micro-jobs beginning at a cost of $5.00U.S. per job performed. Entrepreneurs and freelancers use Fiverr to offer more than 324 services categorized in 13 categories and 115 sub-categories. Customers needing services can use Fiverr’s search or surprise me functions to find and commission services directly through the site.

What is the Function of Fiverr?

Fiverr facilitates the buying and selling of “gigs” or micro-jobs online. More than 1.3 million services are available on the site that range from funny and quirky to business micro-services.

For example, advertised services have included “to sing while holding a sign with your company logo” and “to receive travel tips for visiting Paris” in exchange for a fixed US$5 fee.

The services on Fiverr have been fairly diverse with such items for sale as include celebrity impressions, marketing tips, and custom printed guitar picks.

Now you know what is Fiverr, and what exactly is happening on that million dollar online market place.

But how can you make money online with fiverr? After taking some services for a while, I thought maybe I should start offering my Web services on Fiverr and test the outcome. I started with couple of Gig offers and within a week, there were 8 responses for my Gigs.

Money-with-FiverrI even had to take out two of my offers as they were very time consuming and wasn’t worth to offer at a price of $5. However, it’s a profitable online business if you know how to pitch the right offer and do it in the most efficient way. Remember time is money, so more the gigs you get and complete in 24 hours you can earn a decent amount of money by working as a freelancer at Fiverr.

There is a great case study on Fiverr which you should read if you are thinking of getting started on make money online with fiverr.

How to Make Money Online with Fiverr?

Make sure to stand out from the crowd, because it’s one of the most competitive online market places where you can get lost with no customer interaction.

I have seen most of the people make simple mistakes when posting gigs that makes their gigs lost into the deepest abysses of never bought gigs.

The key is separating your gig from every other gig out there A little secret is to take a popular idea and slightly tweak it to make it something memorable. Everyone has videos of them saying happy birthday but not everyone has a video of them saying happy birthday in a panda suit. Good one right? So try to differentiate as Michael Porter tells!

Below I have shared some killer tips from the editors on how to improve your gigs for sales and make money online with fiverr. This is what they have mentioned:

  • Share Your Gigs!
    Share you gigs on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You can also create a blog and direct visitors to your gigs from there. This will help you increase traffic.
  • Check your description and tags.
    Tags are keywords that help searchers find your gig. Check that they are specific enough and about your service. Also make sure your description is clear and to the point.
  • Make sure you’re gig stands out.
    Videos and images are the key to grabbing attention.
  • Diversify your gig business.
    If you only offer a handful of gigs, consider expanding on the services you’re offering. Try not to put all your eggs in one basket.

Check that your gigs are optimized.  If you need help getting started, click here

So get started today and test this awesome opportunity to make some money online. If you need any advice or want to know some ideas on how to write your pitch, just hit me up with an email and sing up for this blog where I will be sharing some exiting tips on How to make money online?

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